Steinberg Preschool
Our Families Say…

Our Families Say…

“I just wanted you to know how incredibly impressed I was as both a parent and an educator with the celebration of Yom Ha’Atzmaut at the Steingberg Pre-School. J is in the youngest “grade” and he still got SO much ot of it.  He talked about it for days before and after, and all the little touches (passports! tickets! luggage, adorable paper falafel, special announcements  in Hebrew) and made all the difference.  I think you are doing excellent work and am so proud to be a parent in this school”

” I just wanted to say that I thought D and C were such incredible teachers for J this year.  first and foremost, I wanted to compliment you on such excellent staff ….”

“I have been raving to friends and family since the “trip to Israel” about the trip, much like I do when I go on a real great trip! I was so impressed by the level of work that goes into making this such a unique special event for the kids and wanted to let you know.  I can’t imagine any other pre-school that literally dresses us and transforms all the classrooms to make it such a fun different experience.  Same goes for the Tu B’shvat day! J loves going to school each and and J and I feel so grateful for having make the decision for her to attend Beth El.  the community of teachers (and parents) is truely unique, warm, encouraging and clearly makes learning fun!”

“D and I are floating on cloud nine from the incredibly positive and informative conference we just had.  I’m kvelling (literally showing all of my colleagues N’s letters he painted).  Your classroom is such a kind and warm environment and we know it gives N the perfect setting to grow and develop. It is also a safe place where he can take risks and learn from those too. We know how much he loves learning about Judasim as well when he sings the holiday songs or sings the Shabbat prayers with us each week. We feel SO lucky to have you guiding and enriching N’s education and to have you play such an important role in our lives.  You are very special to us!”